Traffic and transport

The Standing Committee on Traffic Psychology deals with many aspects of accident prevention and promoting safe transport systems through expert understanding of psychological science.

Road safety is a major topic for traffic psychologists' and accident prevention plays a central role within it.

A good overview of activities has been done by the World Health Organisation (2004) with the World report on road traffic injury prevention

The Standing Committee  deals mainly with different risk factors (like speed, alcohol, distraction etc.) and risk groups (children, young and elderly drivers) and related interventions to move to a more safe traffic system.

In addition they consider topics like "health and mobility" and "inclusion or access and mobility". The first issue is mainly about how to improve physical exercise like cycling and walking whereas the second is about how to ensure access to social activities by improving, among others, the public transport system. Both of these can be seen to have implications for health (increased exercise for example).  

In sum, psychology plays a major role in injury and health prevention in the transport system. 

An example of some preventative traffic programmes in the Czech Republic can be downloaded above.