Board Meeting, Brussels, 21 April 2016

Board Prevention and Intervention meeting: 21th April, 2016. 09.00 - 17.00


Meeting Place:
EFPA Head Office in Brussels _ Itinerary attached Agora Galery - 4th 
B-1000 Brussels




Anne Plantade-Gipch (France), Roman Gabrhelik (Czech R), Margarida Gaspar de Matos (Portugal), Irena Stojadinovic (EFPSA), Barbara Craciun (Romania), Jennifer Klop-Richards (Netherlands), Tony Wainwright (UK), Bibi Hjartnes Schjødt (Norway).

Minutes of the previous meeting and matters arising

Introductions and catch up.

News from EFPSA: Wonderful projects: “Mind the Mind” and “Organised Acts of Kindness”.

The name of the board:

The name of the board should communicate the contents, activities and goals of the board. It’s argued that the term “intervention” is so broad and so differently understood from different countries that it’s difficult to communicate what it means. The same goes with the term promotion, also discussed as a possible part of a new name. Discussions on the matter led to the following conclusion: BPI keep the present name, until the intervention - meaning psychotherapy - is taken well care of from another workgroup in EFPA.

Instead, BPI will develop a mission statement/vision, that communicate more of the BPIs activities and goals, including the promotion and system/community/society perspective.

Involvement in the Berlin conference - European prevention research, October 31.-Nov.2.:

The conference is focused on the drug field, but looks to include mental/public health. Members are cross professional, but mostly psychologists. Goals of the prevention research group is among other things “prevention standards”.

BPI is invited to have a symposium/presentation or a poster presentation with a broader audience at lunchtime. Goal: collaboration among working groups, introducing/connecting BPI-work with the research field, share perspectives and definitions, BPI could also gather results from the prevention research field through collaboration with this group.

BPI is interested in delivering presentations, Rifkat, Jennifer – among other board members – are interested in attend the conference and to prepare a presentation. It might be possible also to have a board meeting at the conference.

Five challenges in prevention – presented by Margarida:

  • The readiness to change (both at a personal and a community level)
  • The knowledge of what works: Capacity/resourses, motivation, opportunity (both person/community)
  • The “asset model” is needed: what builds health and well-being (positive psychology) instead of negative focus (fault finding/pathology focus)
  • Asking for population involvement – “the Reach”/ ”the Pros” – the involvement of those who are the targets of our different “interventions”
  • Outcome and accountability – also include the need to accept/use electronic communications/social network

Margarida will share her presentation with the board. Margarida will also send a copy of her book about “The reach” to those board members who send her their postal address. Payment?

ECP 2017, July 11-14th - Amsterdam

The BPI is ready to organize a symposium about the Boards different work: European guidelines in prevention - both general and specific about children and families - article on prevention, survey and so on, publications on EFPAs website, collaboration etc.

Jennifer will be the boards local contact in Amsterdam.

The board will also plan a board meeting during the conference.

Work groups during the meeting: 

Survey of member associations – Irena and Bibi:

“The BPI aims to identify areas of good (prevention) practice and to include prevention and promotion approaches in psychology education” (from Workplan 2015/2017).

Templates have been drafted on prevention - first in UK, then in Norway - as an initial national browse to see what can come out of it. The questions/issues from these templates will be helpful in order to propose relevant questions for the survey.     

EFPA/WHO collaborated on a survey on prevention? (Mujien)– the results being locked – we could link up with this work.

Irena and Bibi will continue collaboration during spring/summer, survey being ready for distribution by September, after being circulated and concluded in the board.

Psychology og Prevention and Intervention with children (up to 21) and families - Jennifer/Rifkat:

List of subjects – look at APA guidelines

First draft ready (Sept) – to be put in drop box

Developing a conceptual framework for psychotherapy in prevention - Anne/Barbara: 

Paper presented at the board meeting from Barbara/Anne.

Connected to the work on EuroPsy Psychotherapy – the BPI asks EFPA to form a work group (task force): initiate the recruitment of a person to coordinate the work, collect members, focus on evidence based results and clinical issues and deliver a definition of psychotherapy. 

Book/special issue/publications from the BPI - Roman/Tony:

EFPA strongly urge the BPI to produce publications -  for instance a monography. European Psychology (Hogrefe) is a very expensive way, the board has no extra funding.

Topics: Prevention and Implementation science

The APA’s Guideline on prevention will be “europeanized”

Conference Information: So many different and relevant conferences are organized during a year, it’s difficult to keep up with the information flow. The board would like information about events to be put up on the boards website, he will be dependent an member to inform him. Roman was asked to arrange for a dropbox for the board to put in different events.

Introduction to behavioural economic - presentation of Dr. Brebels