Board Meeting, Brussels, 28 May 2014








Board Prevention and Intervention meeting: Wednesday, 28th May, 2014. 10.00 - 16.00


Meeting Place:
EFPA Head Office in Brussels _ Itinerary attached Agora Galery - 4th 
B-1000 Brussels


Agenda: At the beginning of the meeting if there are any items not covered, we can add under Any other business.
1.    Apologies for absence
2.    Welcome and introductions
3.    Minutes of the last meeting for accuracy
4.    Matters arising not on the agenda:
a.    Development of the minisite RG
b.    Organisation of web based meetings RG
c.    Mapping what other boards do with respect to P&I  TW/TLH
d.    Methodology of P&I RM/TW
e.    Mental health and addiction – IF/RG
f.     Expanding knowledge and skills – Bibi/GS
g.    Evaluation issues - VR
5.    Psychotherapy training standards - review of current plans links with S-EAC for Psychotherapy.
6.    Organisation of subgroups and meetings: suggestions for weekend meetings.
7.    Work plan for next year
8.    Dates of coming meetings.