Board Meeting, Moscow 4 July 2019


Board of Promotion and Prevention

General information

Board meeting at Moscow ECP2019 on the 4th July 2019

GMT 12:15 pm – 13:00 pm

Attended: Margarida; Tony (Skype); Vita; Rifkat; Damir, Jennifer CH; Irena; Bibi; Yiota

Jennifer NL tried to connect with Skype, but due to technical problems she could not attend the meeting.


1) Feedback regarding the symposia presented at the ECP2019.

Participants gave a feedback on the presented symposia of the Board. Positive comments from the interaction with the attendees.

Also, Tony’s award was also commented, expressing members’ satisfaction about it.

Task: a) Preparing statements related to the content of each symposium and Tony’s award, b) after the statements preparing brief articles for publications.


2) Glossary

The Glossary is on process and Margarida presented what has been achieved. The idea is to reduce the number of the words, which will be discussed. Also, Jennifer reminded that she added some information, so as to be included.

Task: The Board will take some ideas for the Glossary format and content by the Board of Ethics of EFPA and at the Skype meeting will be decided how it will be processed.


3) Guidelines document

The Guidelines document was discussed, regarding the format and the content. Tony proposed to send the Psychology Position Statement of the Board of Human Rights, so as to take some ideas for the Board’s guidelines document.

Task: At the Skype meeting will be decided how it will be processed.




3) Next meetings

a) Skype meeting around the beginning of November- it will be confirmed with Doodle. The annual meeting in Brussels will be decided depending on restructions of EFPA after the elections.

b) Meeting in Greece on May 2020. Yiota informed the members of the Board about the intention of the Association of Greek Psychologists to host the Board meeting in Athens combined with a symposium the previous day. The final decision of the Association of Greek Psychologists will be announced in October. The alternative is the Board meeting to be hosted by the Department of Psychology at the University of Crete.


4) Board Convenor

Margarida informed the Board about the procedure for electing the next Covernor of the Board. Margarida will act as deputy facilitating the transition, as Tony did. During the Skype meeting the nominations will be annou