Board Meeting, online 2 February 2021

MINUTES Zoom 2. 02. 21 (recorded)

Board of Promotion and Prevention

Attended: PanayiotaDimitropoulou (PD), RifkatMuhamedrahi (RM), Jennifer Inauen (JI), AngelosKassianos (AK), Eva Štrukelj (ES), Alison Clarke (AC), VitaPostuvan (VP), Maria Nermark (MN), Damir Lucanin (DL)

Apologies: Margarida Gaspar de Matos, SolfridRaknes, Niels Peter Rygaard, Irena Stojadinovic.



1.   EFPA's Document Guidance on preparing statements, position papers and media releases

2.   Participation as Board to future conferences

3.   Progress of the minisite

4.   Progress related to EUCLID project and Board's survey.

5.   Mental Health Toolkit: how we move forward

6.   Other issues



At the beginning the members that participated at the meeting described each country’s situation and circumstances related to Covid19 and the difficulties and barriers that have caused the second wave of the virus. Most of the countries are in locldown state which

1.      EFPA's Document Guidance on preparing statements, position papers and media releases

PD reminded that the BPP has approved the document that EFPA has sent about  Guidance on preparing statements, position papers and media releases. Therefore, BPP will follow the guidelines as described in the document for future statements, position papers and media releases

2.     Participation as Board to future conferences

The BBP will participate to 42nd Annual Conference of the International School Psychology Association that is going HYBRID ( in CYPRUS during 13-16 July 2021. PD had prepared a paper presentation of the actions of BPP that has been approved by the scientific committee of the conference. The members could propose other conferences for the Board to participate (e.g. with a symposium).

Progress of the minisite

ES has informed the members about the progress of the minisite. We are now at the phase of gathering information for updating biosketches. PD thanked the working team for the worked achieved, since it is an ongoing process. Irena and Ivon are also involved with the minisite. PD informed the members about GDPR issues that Ruth has pointed out regarding personal information on the website

Progress related to EUCLID project and Board's survey.

Data Corona Survey Project EUCLID on risk perceptions and behaviours (lead by Prof. Britta Renner at University of Konstanz) are still collected. Nevertheless, in December we were asked as a Board to send information for each country. The leading team at the University of Konstanz looked into the data of all countries, trying to identify an optimal time period for a potential country-comparison. As the data assessment took place during different time periods across countries, finding an optimal time period was not that easy. They identified middle of April to the beginning of June as a potential time period. They also considered important to take the political and social situation in each country during this time into account. Therefore, each country created an overview of major decisions and events during mid-April to early June. The above information will be utilized for the production of a common article.

Regarding Board’s survey, since health psychology expertise is key to master this crisis, JI asked EHPS to disseminate our expert survey among EHPS’s members and to National Delegates. The survey was also spread through Newsletter and Twitter account. Furthermore, AC volunteered to help with the survey that was sent to the Director of Knowledge and Insight who will be able to help with some answers from the UK.


Mental Health Toolkit: how we move forward

Vitalii Klymchuck is coordinating mental health toolkit. There is an EFPA WORKPLACE for this activity. It is important task, because of the second wave of the pandemic. There was a slow progress on this activity. PD will motivate again the members to move on with the specific activity since it is part of BPP workplan.

Other issues

The BPP discussed if we could initiate any other activities or initiatives of the Board related to Covid19. RM proposed some activities regarding infants and children and institutions and Covid19. AC informed about activities related to Covid19 based on cartoon characters. JI suggested to focus in one more activity.