Board Meeting, online 20 December 2019


Board of Promotion and Prevention

Skype Meeting

20th December 2019 - 4 pm GMT

Attending: Margarida (Portugal), Tony (UK), Damir (Croacia), Rifkat (Russia), Britt (Norway) ; Yiota (Greece) , Jennifer I.(Switzerland) ; Niels (Denmark)

Apologies: Jonas (Lithuania), Irena (Servia), Jennifer R (The Netherlands), Vita (Eslovenia)

Eleni (the new EFPA liaison for this Board did not attend due to electronic connection problems) (Cyprus)



1-Introduction of new members.

2- Reporting from the convenor meeting in Brussels.

3- International panel of Behaviour Change

4- Next Meetings

5- Next Board’s presence at Congresses

6- Proposal of a new convenor for the Board.


1-Introduction of new members.

Due to a very recent appointment none of the new members were identified and nor could attend, including Eleni (EC/EFPA)


Eleni to Liaise with the EC and the Member association assuring that national members are nominated and will begin their collaboration in time for the next workplan.


Britt told the groups that there is a new Representative for Norway and she will   follow the new member integration.


Tony was not appointed by the BPS, and was not replaced so far.


In the list provided in Brussels by Sabine, most of the members were the same as previously, except Britt and the UK representative that was not yet nominated.



2- Reporting from the convenor meeting

Margarida was present at the Convenor meeting the 13th December in Brussels. She reports that EFPA has a strong wish to build the Boards’ workplans for 2020-2022 more close to EFPA defined priorities.

Therefore EFPA EC provided a powerpoint presentation and a document were those priorities were defined and it is therefore the Boards‘ duty to propose workplans accordingly. A new deadline was set till April 2020.

Margarida proposed a core group to work in this new workplan: Margarida; Yiota, Jennifer I; Damir, Irena; Rifkat.

Timeline: till 1th week of February Jennifer will adjust the current workplan to the new guidelines. In February the document will circulate and we will either change, delete or add new actions.

A new Skype meeting will be scheduled end March so that the workplan can be finished and send to EC.

Example we should drop the glossary and the guidelines for prevention that is not aligned with the new priorities. We should produce a mediatic statement from our Board paper “Looking ahead”, that EFP/ EC can use to guide ( or press) the public policies about psychologists interventions and psychologist training.

Due to logistic reasons the Board listserve will stay till March, please join the Workplace till there.


3- International panel of Behaviour Change


Jennifer I presented that proposal. We can either adhere individually, or propose the adherence as a Board to EFPA. Jennifer to make a small proposal that Margarida will forward to Sabine. Margarida to contact Patrick Légeron (that she knows from her training in France)


4- Next Meetings


A Skype meeting in March and a meeting in Greece/Athens by the end of May. The Association of Greek Psychologists informed Yiota officially that they will host the meeting in May 2020 (the last week 25-31) in Athens.

Proposed dates are Friday 29th and Saturday 30th of May.

Vaso Boukouvala, President of the Association, suggested to have a symposium the day before, or the day after the meeting where members of the Board could present themes related to prevention. The symposium will be open to the public (the Association can send invitations to the its members to attend the symposium).

A doodle will be set later regarding the SKYPE meeting and Yiota will brief us about the meeting in Athens (proposed that we can use a Friday and a Saturday so that we will not have huge schedule problems with our professional duties)


5- Next Board’s presence at Congresses

A few Board participations at scientific congresses will take place.

Roman- ICP – Prague (Tony and Margarida will be there)

Yiota – School psychology/ISPA

Rifkat-  7thInternational Conference on Adoption Research (ICAR7), Milan, 7-11 July 2020

Damir- 22nd Psychology Days in Zadar, Croatia, 28th to 30th of May 2020. - ;

 34th annual conference of the European Health Psychology Society (EHPS), 25th – 29th of August, 2020, Bratislava, Slovakia -

Margarida –

Covilhã-   Health Psychology Congress – 20-31 January

Lisbon -   International Congress of Child and adolescent Psychology, 22-23 aprilício/Detalhes/TabId/3023/PID/2443/mcat/1786/ev/2/ArtDate/22-4-2020/Default.aspx


6- Proposal of a new convenor for the Board.


This Board has a tradition of rotativity among members and Margarida, who followed Tony is now on her 2nd year.  Tony being since then deputy convenor.

In Moscow members were requested to think about the next convenor and Yiota was proposed, and was accepted by all the present and she declares that she would be willing to be the next convenor for the next period.

When these minutes are finalised Margarida will send it over to Sabine, and to the EC via Eleni, so that Yiota will be proposed as our new Convenor. Margarida will act as deputy convenor, together with Yiota.