Board Meeting, online 22 September 2020

MINUTES Zoom 22. 09. 20 (recorded)

Board of Promotion and Prevention

Attended: PanayiotaDimitropoulou (PD), SolfridRaknes (SR), RifkatMuhamedrahi (RM), AngelosKassianos (AK), Eva Štrukelj (ES), Niels Peter Rygaard (NPR),VitaPostuvan (VP)


Apologies: Margarida Gaspar de Matos




  1. Sub-working groups - finalizing- role of coordinators - new working groups
  2. PsychSolutions Invitation from APA - EFPA invitation
  3. Progress on EUCLID and Governmental policy data
  4. Mental Health Toolkit - How do we proceed
  5. World National Days




1.      Working subgroups


PD explains that at this point several members already indicated their participation in sub-working groups. Also, a new subgroup was proposed (Ivon Ames suggested a separate working group on occupation health). Work will be easier to progress if people work in smaller – specially dedicated groups.


2.      PsychSolutions Invitation from APA


Our board has been invited to 'PsychSolutions Competition' - International initiative of APA. EFPA suggested that BPP prepares a proposal together with Standing Committee on Psychology and Health.

At this point interested members are all members who joined the meeting, as well as Margarida and Eleni.

This invitation is an urgent matter, so we need to act promptly. Interested members should meet online soon to discuss the open questions.


Open questions are:

·       What topic to suggest that is a good representative to all members?

·       We do not know what the Board of Health Psychology is thinking – PD will check with them.

·       Who should be a representative of the board (3 people)?

  1. Progress on EUCLID and Governmental policy data

PD provides the information that the data on Corona Survey Project EUCLID on risk perceptions and behaviours (lead by Prof. Britta Renner at University of Konstanz) are still collected. There will be a meeting of included countries in October. Members will decide on the possible publications that can emerge from the collected data.

Additionally, AK reports on progress on data collection of the survey of the BPP for European governmental policy response to promote health and well-being related to COVID-19 pandemic. At the moment we are waiting for the end of September while data is still being collected.

  1. Mental Health Toolkit - How do we proceed

Vitalii Klymchuck is coordinating Mental health toolkit. There is an EFPA WORKPLACE for this activity. It is important task, because of the second wave of the pandemic.


5.      World National Days


VP will coordinate future world days and related press releases. Alison Clark suggested World Kindness Day and Human Rights Day. If anyone else has additional ideas about the dates, please send it to her (