Convenors' Meeting Brussels 16 September 2016

Board of Prevention and Intervention

Convenor’s meeting Brussels

16 September 2016


Established 2012, re-launched 2014

Rationale: The EFPA noted a significant mismatch between societal needs in terms of the application of psychology to prevention, and psychological offers in several problem areas.

The reorientation chosen by the EFPA in 2010 places a strong emphasis on the need for prevention. Furthermore, government rhetoric rarely matches investment in this field

Mission: is to promote the application of psychology in prevention.

Membership: 16 full members, 6 corresponding members. Representing 19 countries

Main workstreams:


A conceptual framework for the role of psychotherapy in prevention and intervention –First draft completed and Board members sending in comments.

Standards for psychotherapy (EuroPsy) have been passed to the S-EAC and one of our Board members is liaising with the chair.


A first survey of member associations was undertaken mapping applied psychology in prevention. Also EFPA working groups were also asked about their work in prevention and the results presented at the Milan conference, July 2015.

A follow up survey is in preparation building on the earlier work and includes collaboration with EFSPA.

Hope to develop a benchmarking framework for member associations to use to track progress in their counties on the implementation of applied psychology in prevention.


Guidelines are being developed on applied psychology in prevention based on an APA guideline but with a focus on European research and examples.

  • Prevention in adults – in development
  • Prevention in children and young people – first draft
  • Psychotherapy in prevention – first draft


From the survey we hope to identify key areas where we can enhance the psychology curriculum to include more aspects of applied psychology in prevention.

Stakeholders and press releases

We have made contact with the European Society for Prevention Research (EUSPR) and hope to develop new links. We also issued a press release on suicide prevention. Production of press releases and promoting them on social media is an area for development.


Milan 2015 ECP

Berlin 2016 European Society for Prevention Research



  • Milan July 2015
  • Brussels Jan 2016
  • Berlin Oct 2016
  • Brussels April 2017
  • Amsterdam July 2017