Board Members' Bio-Sketch


Panayiota Dimitropoulou

Country: Greece

Home institution: Department of Psychology, University of Crete

Position: Assistant professor 


Professional interest: mental health promotion, evidence-based intervention programs in the school community, learning, students with emotional and behavioral difficulties, motivation and emotions in school class, cyberbullying, provision of e-mental health services. 

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DEPUTY Convenor

Margarida Gasparde Matos

Country: Portugal

Home institution: FMH/ University of Lisbon and ISAMB/ University of Lisbon

Position: Full Professor; Coordinator of the Centre for Health Education and Promotion (FMH) and Supportive Environments Research Group ( ISAMB)

Professional interest: Her areas of scientific interest are children and adolescents health promotion: individual and contextual resources. This include several health related outcomes such as leisure, substance use, sexual behavior, violence, nutrition, physical activity, mental health and well-being, quality of life perception, but also individual resources such as social competences, resilience, self –regulation, entrepeneurship, social engagement, and also contextual factors such as family, school, neighbourhood social nets and, physical environment and social cohesion. All this with a focus on young people health. Much of her work is devoted to research and attempts to influence public policies in the referred areas.




        Damir Lucanin

Country: Croatia       


Guna Svence

Country: Latvia


Position: PROFESSOR, RESEARCHER IN DEVELOPMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY, professions (diplomas)- teacher, trainer for socialpsychological groups, psychologist – acmeologist (work with adults)


Professional interest: music, biodanza, travel, philosophy and religion, positive psychology and positive interevntions

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Ivon Ames

Country: Germany

Home institution: German Association of Psychologist, University of Hagen, self-employed

Position: Member of  the Board Work, Organisational and Business Psychology


Professional interest: occupational health psychology

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Solfrid Raknes

Country: Norway

Home institution: Self employed at Dr. Solfrid Raknes

Position: Manager


Professional interest: stigma, mental health prevention, health promotion, child and adolescent, migration 

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         Rifkat J. Muhamedrahimov 

Country: Russian Federation

Home institution: Saint-Petersburg State University Department of Psychology

Position: Head of Child and Parent Mental Health and Early Intervention Division

Professional interest: Mental health in infancy and early childhood, caregiver-child interaction and attachment, early intervention for children in families and institutions


Francisco Labrador Encinas

Country: Spain 

        Maria Nermark

Country: Sweden

Home institution: Swedish Psychological Association, Region Skanes Psychological Association

Position: Swedish Psychological Association, vice chairman, Region Skanes Psychological Association, chairman


Professional interests: Promoting psychology and psychologists within the healthcare system


        Jennifer Inauen

Country: Switzerland       

Home institution: University of Bern

Position: Assistant Professor


Professional interests: Health behavior change, digital health promotion and prevention, intensive-longitudinal methods, health psychology in the Global South

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         Vitalii Klymchuk

Country: Ukraine


      Alison Clarke

Country: United Kingdom

Home institution: British Psychological Society

Position: Chair, Practice Board


Professional Interest: Coaching Psychology, confidence & anxiety

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Eva Strukelj

Country: Slovenia

Home institution: EFPSA - European Federation of Psychology Students' Associations

Position: Student Representative


Professional Interest: Clinical Psychology, Health Psychology, Psychosexology, Sexual Education, Sexual Health Care 

Victor J. Rubio

Representing the EAPA European Association of Psychological Assessment


Position: Associate Professor, Licensed Clin Psych


Professional interest: Psychological Assessment, Health Psychology, Personality Psychology, Sport Psychology

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Ann Charlotte Smedler / Observer


Eleni Karagianni

Liaison to the EFPA  Board Scientific Affairs



       Lieven Brebels
Country: Belgium
Home Institution: Research Department of Work and Organisation Studies, Faculty of Economics and Business at KU Leuven (Belgium)
Position: Associate Professor of Leadership and Behavioural Decision-Making
Professional Interest: The use and abuse of nudges; The promotion of justice enactment and ethical leadership; The interaction between Artificial Intelligence and Human judgment and decision-making; Social self-concept and self-awareness
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        Angelos Kassianos 

Country: Cyprus     

Home institution: (a) University College London (UCL), Department of Applied Health Research, London; (b) University of Cyprus, Department of Psychology, Nicosia

Position: Research Associate Fellow


Professional interest: Cancer prevention and control, early diagnosis, mobile health (mHealth), electronic health (eHealth), health behaviour change, palliative care, population health promotion programmes, global health and quality of life

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      Roman Gabrhelík

Country: Czech Republic     

Home institution: Department of Addictology, 1st Medical Faculty, Charles University in Prague

Position: Head of the Prevention Centre, Interim head of the Treatment Centre, Researcher/lecturer/instructor, General Teaching Hospital in Prague

Position: Principal Investigator


Professional interest: Prevention of alcohol, tobacco and other drug use; Clinical research in substance abuse; pharmacotherapy; high technology in research (EMA) and treatment (EMI); injection drug use and injection drug users; qualitative methods; psychosocial treatment interventions (including self-help issues).

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      Niels Peter Rygaard

Country: Denamrk

Home institution: The Fairstart Foundation,


Personal interests: Applying psychology knowledge in large scale interventions. Our foundation unite international researchers in children in alternative care, and transform our care recommendations into local capacity building. We have educated 600 NGO and government partner staff in 26 countries, in how to train local groups of foster parents and orphanage and refugee staff in attachment based care, covering 40.000 children. Educations take place in six-month online classrooms, and include practical group training.

My overall interest is analysing how global migration and urbanisation affect traditional family care cultures, and stress parents and children – in 2021 one paper will be published (Tony was a helpful editor) for the European Psychologist analysing the EU situation. After receiving the APA 2020 Award for International Humanitarian Work for Underserved Populations, an invited paper will be published in the American Psychologist Special Award Issue Dec 2020. As a member of our group, the Eurochild Task Force Group for Children in Alternative Care, The Psychology Coalition of NGOs Accredited to United Nations, World Association of Infant Mental Health and many others, I can contribute to our group with a vast network.”

       Jonas Eimontas

Country: Lithuania


       Jennifer Klop-Richards

Country: The Netherlands

Home institution: Department of Psychiatry, Interdisciplinary Center Psychopathology and Emotion regulation (ICPE) University of Groningen, University Medical Center Groningen

Position: Postdoctoral researcher



        Kari Frank

Country: Norway


Irena Stojadinović
Country: Serbia         
Home institution: Psychosocial Innovation Network; Serbian Psychological Society
Position: Clinical and Community Psychologist
Professional interests: psychosocial interventions, mental health prevention, work with trauma, community-based mental health support, body psychotherapy
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Vita Postuvan

Country: Slovenia   

Home institution: Slovene Centre for Suicide Research, Andrej Marušič Institute  & FAMNIT, Department of Psycholog, University of Primorska, Slovene Centre for Suicide Research

Position: Deputy Head & Lecturer


Professional interest: research and prevention of suicidal behaviour and promotion of mental health through implementation of large-scale public-health projects as well as through clinical and therapeutic work with individuals and small groups (CBT, mindfulness)





  • Tor Levin Hofgaard

Country: Norway