Prevention in the UK

Prevention and Intervention in the UK

In the UK the fields associated with Prevention and Intervention which will be covered here initially at least are Public Health approaches and Health Psychology. The British Psychological Society has established a group for psychologists in this area called 'The Applied Psychology in Public Health Network. 

Jim McMannus who is a Director of Public health as well as being a psychologist has recently taken on the joint coordination of an applied psychology network in public health alongside Tony Wainwright coordinator of the Prevention and Intervention Board. Links to the work of this group will be posted here too.

Three key organisations may be useful as a starting point.

The Cochrane Collaboration

Public Health group

The Cochrane Collaboration is an organisation whose role is to review medical and health related research. It has been influential in the promotion of meta-analysis of studies so that there is high confidence in the conclusions as there are stringent quality checks. They are also strongly encouraging implementation of scientific knowledge which can be established in this way. The public health group particularly focuses on prevention and intervention issues.

The Campbell Collaboration

They say on their website that their mission is as follows:

The Campbell Collaboration (C2) helps people make well-informed decisions by preparing, maintaining and disseminating systematic reviews in education, crime and justice, social welfare and international development.

As you will see, these cover areas of importance for applied psychologists and also for others working in these fields.

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence 

This organisation advises on cost effective healthcare treatments and approaches. A recent report had a significant input from psychologists on behaviour change - see Professor Susan Michie below.


A number of Universities have departments with psychologists in leading roles who are working in this field.

Professor Susan Michie. Her work has involved developing the recent NICE guidelines on behaviour change )

Professor Peter Kinderman leads the Institute of Psychology, Health and Society

Peter is also the Coordinator of the Board of Professional Development of the EFPA

The Public Health System

The organisation responsible for Public health has psychologists involved in various ways.